Finishing packages: compositions of ready-made solutions, products and materials.

In addition to comprehensive and individual turnkey executions, we offer finishing packages: compositions of ready-made solutions and products, that will allow to execute all necessary works which leads to your own space.

In the following catalogs you will find detailed information on package options for interior finishing.

Bearing in mind the diverse needs and the available budget, we have developed three interior finishing packages.

Package START

The basic variant of interior finishing. It is aimed at people who want to carry out all the necessary work in a short time and on a small budget. START options consist of simple, universal and proven materials and products.

Starting from 850 zł gross/square meter
(for apartments above 45 square meters)


The optimal package option, which is a great choice for people looking for a professional finish of the apartment. The package includes all the necessary work, additional finishing options and an extended range of materials and products as lighting. KOMFORT option is a great choice for everyone who is looking for practical and varied solutions for their apartment.

Starting from 1150 zł gross/square meter
(for apartments above 45 square meters)


The most extensive finishing package, consisting of high-quality products and materials. A variant intended for people who are looking for original interiors. Due to the wide range of available solutions, the PREMIUM package is the closest to an individualized “turnkey” finish.

PREMIUM package includes, among others: full filling of walls, modifications to plumbing and electrical installations, a wide selection of high-class materials and equipment

Starting from 1450 zł gross/square meter
(for apartments above 45 square meters)

Package options are a convenient solution for investors, guaranteeing implementation within the agreed budget and time. Finishing package catalogs offer a wide range of products and materials. Hand-made finfiture, kitchen furniture with appliences are described in other catalogue, which will be available soon.