Interiors finished in the Casual Standard are aesthetic and relatively inexpensive apartment.

It can also be an interesting proposition for people who appreciate the rustic character of apartments and accept that the interior will not be based on the highest quality materials.

Commonly available materials at an affordable price and design are used, e.g. kitchen and living room furniture in Ikea quality.

In the case of bathroom products, basic series of branded companies such as Roca, Koło, Kludi or Hansgrohe, which can be purchased at very attractive prices in our store:

Walls are finished with high-quality washable paint, a floating, paneled floor, connected with tiles with a threshold strip. In the basic version, which allows to significantly reduce the costs of interior finishing, there will be no lowered ceilings, LED lighting or additional lighting points. By increasing the budget, we create a platform for the use of small, yet interesting solutions, increasing the attractiveness and functionality of our apartment.

An example of such an implementation can be seen above. Another example is the apartment called Czerwone Maki made in the Casual standard.

An example of the Casual Plus finish is an apartment for a rent in Solna Street, where, apart from a few Ikea furniture, most of the furniture was custom-made. Some interesting solutions were applied, such as a kitchen island with a hood, a intelligent lighting. These changes gave the interior a more elegant look.