SaniWell – design and execution group – turnkey interior execution

SaniWell is a construction and decoration company operating in Kraków. Our specialty are turnkey flats and apartments. We are part of a design and execution team consisting of specialists from many industries, thanks to which we are able to quickly and comprehensively redecorate and furnish every apartment. We have been operating in Kraków and Silesia since 2006.


In our work, we are guided by three principles:

– All construction, decoration, and finishing works are carried out on the basis of designs created by interior designers. These may be architects associated with our group or recommended by you.

We supervise each project individually. We are not a company focused on the number of completed projects, which means we can afford to take care of every detail and dedicate to every project as much time as it requires.

Fixed prices. Before signing a contract for finishing works, we present a full cost statement. Signing the contract is also a guarantee that the prices agreed will not change.

The planned construction works, used brand finishing materials, carefully selected products and accessories, all this means that the resulting apartment will be meeting your exact expectations.

It is our goal to hand over to our Clients fully decorated interiors. What we mean by “turnkey” is a flat ready for your moving in and living in it.

Our offer is addressed to those who know that a day has only 24 hours and they cannot or do not want to handle everything on their own. It is us who handle it all, in terms of a new apartment.


Saniwell - przykładowa realizacja

Saniwell - przykładowa realizacja

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