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g-24-kopiowanieTurnkey apartment finishing services

We specialize in comprehensive interior finishing services. The result of our work is a product that we call: a turnkey apartment – ready to move in. The process of achieving the intended effect includes the following stages:

Drawing up the interior design plan

–Developing an interior design concept, preparing visualization, selecting materials and all equipment for the bathroom or kitchen, designing furniture, selecting floors, lighting, or household appliances, etc.,

–Making a quote for the selected products, works, and all other costs (logistics, cleaning, etc.). Discussing the quote with the client, making changes, agreeing the final price. At the end of this stage, an executive design plan is drawn up, thus giving basis to the next stage. The stage of preparing the project may last approx. 4-6 weeks.

Planning works/ ordering products and services

–After the design and quote have been accepted, we proceed first to place orders for furnishings. In the case of some of them, especially those less typical ones, the waiting time may be between 3 and 6 weeks. Once we know the date of delivery of products, we plan the works and logistics operations, book the dates for furniture manufacturing, etc.


Construction and decoration works

–Preliminary works and securing the interior, for example, covering windows, entrance doors, removing radiators, etc.

–Demolition works, adaptation of hydraulic fittings and electric sockets, air conditioning, smart home devices, TV equipment, etc., depending on the design assumptions.

–Interior construction: additional walls, extensions, dropped ceilings, tiling works, plastering, wall decorations, painting, etc.

The construction and decoration works last approximately 4-5 weeks.


Assembly of equipment

–After the wet works have been completed, we begin the assembly of doors and floors, fixing wallpaper, assembling lighting and delivering individual equipment items.

–Assembly of kitchen furniture and all other furniture is carried out at the end of these works, because the time of manufacturing the furniture takes 6-8 weeks, and the exact dimensions are possible to be determined only after completion of construction works.

– Final works, e.g. finishing strips, window curtains, minor repairs, cleaning, setting up the furniture according to the design plan.

The equipment assembly stage takes min. 4 weeks and to a large extent depends on the carpentry services, which determine the execution of final assemblies and corrections.

Fixed price

–Once the design stage has been completed and all items entered onto the list, we get a complete statement. Before the Client makes a final decision and signs the apartment finishing contract, they know the full amount of the service, including furniture, full equipment, and all the elements included in the project. This price is unchanged during implementation, unless such change has been arranged jointly with and accepted by the Client.


From the moment of receiving the design plan from the interior designer until the finished apartment is completed, the entire interior finishing process lasts from 8 weeks where ready-made Ikea-type products are used, up to 12 weeks for the medium standard where part of the furniture is being manufactured to fit the design requirements.


Individual project supervision
The entire decoration and finishing works are supervised by one person assigned to a given project. This person is responsible for contact with the investor, designer, and individual contractors (e.g. professional assembly of the home theatre, fixing flooring, or kitchen furniture), ensures timely conduct of work and logistics.


About our key services

Design services

We undertake construction, decoration, and finishing works on the basis of a ready interior design plan. For easier implementation of the project assumptions, we cooperate with several design offices and, for example:

All implemented projects, of which photographs we were able to publish on the site, were made in cooperation with interior design studios. Thanks to this, the interiors have their own unique character and atmosphere. Among others, in the Browar Lubicz residential complex, the design of the show apartment or suites were implemented the Elegance standard.

Slightly different is the design of the Czerwone Maki apartment. If the interior shown on the website does not come to your liking, we are able to offer a few other interior concepts from other interior design studios that we cooperate with.

If you have your own designer – we will be happy to cooperate with them in finishing your turnkey apartment.



Electrical, plumbing, installation and other works

Installation works are those activities that are not to be seen outside, yet the quality of their execution is very important. When distributing concealed installations, we need to be sure that the used materials as well as the work done are of the highest quality. In the installation works, we use only branded and proven items. We boast extensive experience in assembling all types of concealed bathroom fittings/shower mixers.

Tiling and wall cladding are carried out using all materials available on the market. Starting from typical ceramic tiles, through milled rock tiles, granite slabs, mosaics, stone and others, depending on the designer’s concept.



Lighting, air conditioning, intelligent home

The concept of comfort changes over the years. These days a comfortable interior must include air conditioning, properly designed lighting or interior sound systems and elements. More and more often used are intelligent home or home theatre items.

We cooperate with companies specializing in this area. Under our supervision and at the appropriate stage, they carry out the works necessary to achieve the desired effect in the project. In the show apartment you can see the operating air conditioning LG Art Cool Gallery which shows that even the air conditioning unit can be aesthetically pleasing and suited to any interior through the possibility of using any photograph – as shown in the next picture.

In the Browar Lubicz apartment, the home theatre screen was installed in the ceiling in a very interesting way.

Kitchen furniture made to order, built-in furniture, or ready-made furniture

Kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobes, bathroom furniture, upholstered furniture, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and other products are an integral part of interior design and thus their acquisition, delivery and assembly is part of our business.

When contracting us the finishing works in your apartment, you do not have to worry about these elements. We work with contractors who boast extensive experience and reputation, which means you can rest assured about the quality of products. We make furniture as ordered in the design plan, adapted to the redecorated interior. We also provide household appliances to fit all kitchen furniture.

Bathroom and kitchen furnishing items

Bathroom accessories – this has been our specialization for 20 years! We offer over 130 brands of bathroom equipment, ceramic tiles, and radiators. Why not take advantage of our expertise when selecting items for your bathroom? We offer discounts up to 40% off the regular prices for all bathroom equipment items. You can be sure such prices are unavailable in any retail store.

Product offer:

In the show apartment, the bathroom fittings include the Villeroy & Boch Sentique sanitary ceramics, the Axor Citterio M faucet with Raindance 30 cm overhead rain shower and the Hansgrohe Metris Select kitchen faucet, Huppe Design shower door with Anti-plaque and self-close, Vasco Beams and Bryce heater, Apavisa ceramic tiles and Bosch and Siemens household appliances.


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