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Standards of interior finishing

Turnkey finishing services

For those of you who do not need any individual interior design, we have suggestions for ready-made finishing options the so-called turnkey interior finishing packages that are often offered by developers and finishing companies in Kraków. Although we do not have them on offer, we think that it is a convenient form of decorating an apartment, as it saves a lot of time though does not forego the appropriate quality level of the offered equipment. It is worth remembering, however, that typical apartments, made turnkey by the developer, are not ready to move in. Most often they lack furniture in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, lighting, or window finishing. Either way, you need to dedicate time and effort to finish such apartment.

If, as part of the package deal, you get kitchen furniture and a few other pieces of equipment, it is worth paying attention to the content of such package. The furniture for the kitchen is really a kitchenette with a length of 2.5 m, made of ordinary furniture board, the stove is two-burner, for the microwave or hood you have to pay extra and the washing machines and window curtains are not included in the standard. These few elements cost about PLN 10,000 -12,000 and in the case of a 55 sqm apartment, the amount per sqare meter is in fact PLN 200.

SaniWell turnkey interiors – for us, this term means that you do not have to do anything anymore in the apartment. You can enjoy it from the very beginning. What is also worth noting is the fact that the versions and approximate prices presented here refer to completely finished apartments, ready to be lived in right away.

«Turnkey does not mean go and get the kitchen, wardrobe or other furniture by yourself. It means move in now and live.


Apartment finishing costs – calculator

The amount of PLN 1600 or 1800 per square metre may seem a lot in a relation to a turnkey apartment. But what we do not in fact realize is just how much it costs. We present you the decoration expenses calculator. Enter the appropriate amount for the items which you have chosen for your home. The calculator allows you to find out what items are needed in a new flat.


The Investment Standard

Apartments for rent in Kraków are extremely popular. As at 2017, apartments in Kraków are more expensive than in other Polish cities and their profitability, in terms of renting, is lower than in Warsaw, Gdańsk, or Wrocław. That is why it is important to finish the flat quickly, elegantly, and inexpensively. Contruction and decoration companies in Kraków offer a wide range of services, but the turnkey standard of finishing an apartment is still a rarity. Still, turnkey apartments is exactly what SaniWell is dealing with.
Shown below are two different proposals for finishing the apartments for rent in Kraków.

Applied in the sample apartment are items within the basic quality and popularity range. Although we are price conscious, we still do not use products of unknown origin or the lowest market quality in the interior finishing. In the above example, there have been used Roca and Koło products, Tubądzin ceramic tiles, and Antado bathroom furniture. Floors are panelled and walls covered with wallpaper or painted. In investment apartments, we avoid the installation of dropped ceilings, led lighting, additional decorative lamps, or excessive relocating of power sources or hydraulic fittings.

In the investment version, we also have the option of saving on the interior design. The design plan could have been drawn up using a more or less advanced design programme. The result will be the difference in visualization of the interior shown here. For decoration and finishing works, the quality of visualization is of no great importance because we do our work on the basis of detailed design plans.

The flat in the investment version is about PLN 1590 net/sqm, depending on the size of the apartment and individual client preferences. One should bear in mind, however, that the apartment comes with full furnishing and equipment.

Check the calculator (above) for cheaper versions.


 The Casual Standard


Interiors finished in the Casual standard are designated for an aesthetic and relatively inexpensive flat. If it rented out, it should be labelled as having a slightly higher standard. Used were generally available materials in reasonable quality and design, for example, kitchen and living room furniture in the Ikea quality standard. In the case of bathroom items, basic series of brand companies such as Roca, Koło, Kludi, or Hansgrohe, which can be bought at very attractive prices, for example, at the store. Wall finishing with a washable and scratch-resistant paint, floating floor, panel floor, combined with tiles using a threshold strip. In the basic version, without dropped ceilings, LED lighting, or additional light-points, additional cost savings will be achieved.

An example of such design has been shown above, however, you can also give the Czerwone Maki apartment a quick look to check out the Casual standard.

An example of a Casual Plus decor may be seen in apartments for rent in Solna street where, apart from several pieces of the Ikea furniture, most of the furnishings was made to order and some interesting solutions were used, such as a kitchen island with a ventilation hood, and upgraded lighting. These changes lend the interior a more elegant character.



The Loft Standard


An interesting interior for those who appreciate modern style, but don’t want to spend a fortune on redecorating. Loft interiors are maybe a bit „cool” but they do have their own style that many people like. In these interiors, we use branded products at an average price level, such as, for example, a wall hang WC within the range from PLN 700 to 1300 PLN, a washing basin within the range from PLN 300 to 500, household appliances in the price range PLN 1000 – 1500. Furniture in partly in the Ikea standard but mostly made to order and adapted to a given interior. In the Loft standard, we can afford install dropped ceilings or some special lighting solutions, or architectural concrete or stone.

In the Lofts Standards Portfolio tab, we present three types of interiors with different styles and at different prices. Apartments in Kraków in Krowoderska were decorated to a high standard using Tassos stone, painted furniture and Merbau countertops, a gas fireplace and carefully selected lighting.

No less attractive, though more affordable, is the apartment in the Browar Lubicz residential complex in the loft version, where used was architectural concrete perfect for such interiors. The most standard version is the Wiślane Tarasy apartment.

The Elegance Standard


A luxurious interior finished with best materials. Below we are showing interiors in two slightly different colouring and material choices. The design includes furniture and doors in natural veneer, natural stone and large format 60×120 cm plates as well as Barcelona armchairs, Aquaform lamps, and other high quality items.


A good example for interiors in the Elegance standard may be a show apartment at Browar Lubicz.

Finished with branded products of: Villeroy&Boch, Hansgrohe Axor, large Apavisa tiles, household appliances Bosch and Siemens, Vasco heaters or LG air conditioning. Added to this, high gloss black furniture.

An example of an absolutely prestigious design can be an Elegance Plus apartment – the Masarska Project. In addition to using only branded products for bathroom or kitchen equipment, the price level is raised by: Czeczot special furniture veneer, Vibia lamp, or Egg Chair.


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