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Interior finishing works carried out in Kraków

Apartments for rent in Kraków remain extremely popular among clients. In the city centre, the vast majority of apartments are still being bought and refurbished for the rent purposes. Interior finishing services in Kraków are still hot, even though the rates of rent in Kraków in the last two years have fallen by at least several percent. Decorators in Kraków still have a lot of work to do.

Turnkey interior finishing means a lot more than just decorating. A turnkey apartment stands for the client getting a flat ready to move in, where there’s nothing to assemble or buy – they just go in and live.

Shown below are a few interior designs combining modernity and elegance, and through the use of small finishing items in the form of bricks, murals, wall murals or decorative slats, we obtained a Kraków-like atmosphere that definitely boosts the quality of the interior.

The projects presented below are part of larger works which we are set to begin in Kraków in 2019. They show a bit of our idea of turnkey interior finishing. We are hoping to have the entire house finished in the style presented below and applying the turnkey finishing philosophy. At this point, we are showing those projects which we have found very interesting.

Turnkey interior finishing services

Finishing a turnkey interior is a service that aims guiding the investor seamlessly through the entire process of finishing the apartment. From the design plan drawn up to meet the client’s expectations, through decorating works, purchase and assembly of bathroom equipment, ordering and installation of floors, doors, wallpaper, free-standing furniture, ready or made to order kitchens, household appliances, air conditioning and home theatre or even curtains in windows and tableware on the table. We take the keys from the investor to the apartment in the finishing state and hand over the keys to the fully equipped apartment – and this is how you will find us on the web – Kraków’s turnkey interiors. ?

We are presenting interior designs that are hoping to implement in apartments in one of the Kraków’s tenement houses.

If you have ever redecorated a flat, you know more than well how many things need to be decided, how many meetings need going to, how many times you go to the store for something that the decorators asked for. And on top of that the entire coordination and supervision of implementation of the design plan being carried out. Our offer is directed to those of you – conscious clients who do not want to go through it again.

Below is the suggestion of the same interior as above but designed in a different style. Frescoes remind of the Krakow’s tenement houses, in line with the designer’s concept. We created of a modern yet Kraków-style interior, which in addition can sell well.

Interiors in the investment standard

Sometimes, however, the investment budget is slightly lower. We then try to design an elegant, although not very flashy interior. Though each interior, if taken care of by a designer, will have something special to it. Expensive or cheap, you can see that it has been thought out and designed to be functional and elegant. Each of our interiors is characterized, however, by the fact that it is handed over in a ready-to-live-in condition or rent – just turnkey interiors.

Sometimes it takes little to upgrade the basic standard so that the interior looks more elegant or more expensive than it is in reality. Shown below is an example of such modification.

The investment + standard

It is often the case the very little can turn the cold, uninviting interior into something interesting, warm, and arousing good emotions. In this tenement house, the pictures of which I am here publishing, we used the play of colours, which made the interiors hospitable. The price difference was not more than PLN 200/sqm, and the effect seems to be much more interesting.

Turnkey interior finishing is not a common commodity, although at first glance, it seems that there are great many companies providing such services. It is worth knowing that if the apartment is uninhabitable, it is not turnkey! If the apartment’s finishing offer does not include: a set of furniture, a fully furnished bathroom, wardrobe, sofa, table, etc., if you can’t use the bedroom, you sure got the flat … – but it is not turnkey. ?

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