Капитальный ремонт – услуги по отделке интерьера –Краков


General redecoration of the apartment

General renovation of an old apartment is way more challenging than decorating the apartments in a finishing stage. We undertook a difficult task of making a modern apartment in the old Nowa Huta block in Krakow. Decoration works began with demolition and uncovering the unknown.

In such apartments, the usual challenge is what we discover under the plaster or under the old bathtub. The condition of piping may leave a lot to be desired, and the same concerns the ventilation system. Demolishing one element often entails the tearing down of the other. In such blocks, decorating is always a huge task.


Interior design plan

A very ambitious design of the interior – and this is what the interior should look like after finishing the works. Modern design, a lot of white colour. Thanks to the warm colouring of bricks, floor panels, and other colourful accessories, the interior should be living-friendly.



And this is the final effect. Almost perfectly reflected design plan. This is what the apartment after redecorating looks like, finished to a turnkey standard. It contains all the items needed to live in it. And what’s the most important – it has met the clients’ expectations.


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