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A turnkey apartment – Kraków, Kordiana street

We are launching works in turnkey apartment. There would be nothing extraordinary about it if it were not for the fact that each of the parties involved lives elsewhere and we probably will not meet before the completion of the works. The flat owner works in the UK, the designer is based in the Tri-City, and the implementation and general contractor, that is SaniWell, is in Kraków. For now, we have successfully completed the design phase – and the effects are shown below.


Apartments in Kraków –  Solna  – the Casual + version

We are beginning the new year 2016 already working on a new project – apartments at Solna street in Kraków. The process of finishing the interior, as always, begins with the preparation of the design and ends with the cleaning work of the finished and furnished apartment.

The apartments are intended for rent, all at an appropriate standard, from medium-class materials. Even so, the effect should be interesting.

After 2 months of work, we hand over both apartments to be moved in. Made in accordance with the design plan and reflecting it almost perfectly.

Construction and decoration works as well as the entire turnkey finishing process require us to be cautious and critical towards each project. As a finishing company, we take responsibility for creating an interior that is consistent with the design plan, but also for reporting comments and observations with regard to this design if during the decoration works we agree that something needs rectification. Human work is bound to produce shortcomings, which is why we do not approach any design giving it full credit. This kind of supervision is a part of our service, which is turnkey finishing of interiors.

Apartments were designated for rent. However, the investor had certain quality expectations. We used medium-class materials: Tubądzin ceramic tiles, Kludi bathroom faucets, partly Ikea furniture and partly furniture made to order, and Berker electrical equipment.


An apartment in Kraków – Czerwone Maki – turnkey Casual standard

The investor’s assumptions were clearly determined: a flat for a family, decorated in a specific style (newspapers’ clippings, internet), at a reasonable price. The project looks interesting. We are going to see the effects in a few weeks’ time.


After 10 weeks, that is in an expeditious manner, we completed works at the Czerwone Maki flat. The effect is very good. And the investor liked it, which, after all, is most important.?



Turnkey apartment redecoration in Kraków– Sołtysowska street

Interior design plan has been drawn up by the Interior Design oooh! DESIGN Joanna Zakrzewska studio. A small apartment, yet decorated in a thoughtful and tasteful way.

Purchasing and decorating an apartment is often one of the most serious expenses in a person’s life. It is worth making every effort to have this apartment designed and furnished in an interesting and functional way, so that it would serve as for years. This is why it is worth the while to take an interior designer and have a professionally drawn up design plan. The cost of the service is an expense of no more than 1-2% of the total cost of the apartment and, later on, a huge profit. In the interior finishing service offered by SaniWell, the design of the apartment is the most important and indispensable element for us to take up works in an apartment.

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