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The Browar Lubicz show apartment – the prestige version

All works in this apartment lasted 4 months but were totally worth the wait! The initial assumption for this apartment was a high standard based on the best brands. Lacquered furniture, and appropriate household appliances, a special model of the air conditioner as well as tailor-made bed lent this interior elegance and prestige. In addition, a bright bathroom decorated with a golden mosaic and an original mirror, one of the best Kraków’s designers, complemented by fittings of such well-known brands as Villeroy&Boch, Huppe, or Axor, give the effect of elegance, space, and prestige. Location of the apartment coupled with the interior design can give a good effect, and as a consequence, the return of on the investment. The end result surprised both the investor and ourselves.


Apartments in the Browar Lubicz residential complex – the elegance version

Standard projects are carried out in 100% in accordance with our assumptions, i.e. the concept that the designer bears the responsibility for the design, and the contractor for its implementation. Basically, the investor did not interfere in our activities, accepted minor changes and from time to time checked on the work schedule. But the investor’s control, during the construction and decoration works carried out by us, is always an important and desirable element of cooperation with the investor.

A small but well-designed apartment, able to accommodate even home theatre. The owner’s job was to bring in his favourite books and CDs – and this is what we call “turnkey”. The effect is stunning!



The Kordiana project – the elegance version

A private apartment designed for the family. When contracting the job, the client was aware and was convinced that the apartment would have to meet his family’s dreams – that is, that it should be unique. Turnkey interior finishing is sometimes quite a challenge. The bigger, the better; the more difficult, the more exciting. Wall murals, wall stucco, or especially designed furniture are those exact elements that lend the interior its unique character. We do like such challenges. ? Shown below are visualizations. For now, the works are under way. Following their completion, if the owners agree, we are going to publish here a few photos of the finished apartment.

The Masarska project – the prestige version

What is the difference between the prestige and other versions and is it worth all the money? A tricky question that cannot be answered. Each person sees value in something else and finds valuable different things.

The apartment at Masarska street certainly belongs to valuable, or even prestigious products. The price of home furnishings is made up from branded items used in this interior. Starting from a hardwood floor, high-quality wall paints, Florim large ceramic plates, Villeroy&Boch bathroom ceramics, LG ArtCool Gallery air conditioning, through made to order furniture, partially upholstered with leather and covered with burl veneer, to the obscenely expensive Vibia lamp, Egg Chair, and TON chairs and table. In addition, after a hard day’s work, an infrared sauna will be available for the residents. Unfortunately, the apartment was not made available for photographing both due to its prestige and privacy.



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