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The Krowoderska apartment


We made the first loft-style apartments in 2007. Three apartments at Krowoderska street, carried out in a rather harsh white style. The combination of Thassos marble panels, white painted furniture with Merbau countertops and gas fireplaces resulted in modern interiors.

Entrance hall to the building. A very interesting combination of natural wood veneers, specially patinated copper made by an artist designer, and graphite basalt. The effect is complemented by well-chosen lighting which reflects well in a glass wall made of Lacobel glass. An interior that pleases the eye.


The Browar Lubicz apartment – the loft version

The third apartment at the Browar Lubicz investment. Without superfluous decorations, and sometimes with a quite raw result, we used concrete slabs and a large amount of white colour. A bright interior in which you spend a pleasant time – for those who appreciate this style.



The Wiślane Tarasy apartment

Another design plan which reminds a bit of the loft style. A project with a small budget but still an interesting idea. Once again, it turns out a good design plan makes up a good half of the success.

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