Comprehensive finishing of real estate in the Grzegórzki Park investment by Inter-Bud developer.

We invite you to discover a unique turnkey property in the Grzegórzki Park investment by the Inter-Bud developer. The apartment is distinguished not only by its excellent location, but also by its unique interior, which delights with elegance and functionality.


Beautiful interior and high-quality materials

The dominant beige colors give our interiors a unique character, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Wooden finishes add unique charm and warmth. Each apartment has been designed, carefully finished and equipped by the experienced SaniWell team, guaranteeing the highest quality and full satisfaction of use. We present a visualization and photos of the finished interior in the Grzegórzki Park investment by the Inter-Bud developer.


Compare the visualizations with photos of the furnished interior and see why “entering and living” is more than turnkey.


VISUALIZATION                                                                                  INTERIOR PHOTOS


Living room





Bed room






Customers who decide to cooperate with SaniWell under the “enter and live” standard receive an apartment completely furnished and equipped with all the necessary elements, which means that they can move in immediately and enjoy the comfort of life. Taking care of the smallest details, we provide you with functional and beautiful interiors that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.


Prestigious apartments in the center of Krakow

We are pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with the developer Czarnowiejska 21, responsible for the implementation of an intimate investment in the center of Krakow.

The building is adjacent to the historic buildings of Dolne Młynów Street and the greenery of the Krakow Park. Marek Grechuta.


Czarnowiejska 21

Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 consists of 27 apartments. The general contractor responsible for the investment is Nowbud from Krakow. Interestingly, Czarna Wieś has been part of Krakow since 1910 and today it is one of the streets that make up the very center of Krakow.

The prestigious location, intimate development, historical character of the space and high quality of finishing make the apartments available at Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 unique.

Apartments in the very center of Krakow are an excellent and promising investment. The proximity of old tenement houses, business centers and academic complexes translates into the attractiveness of the space, increasing the value of the property. Therefore, taking into account the prestige of the investment, we have prepared four finishing proposals for specific apartments offered by the developer. It is worth noting that the presented designs are a concept of apartment development. Moreover, at SaniWell, each implementation is focused on the individual needs of the investor.

Below we present a gallery of investments and interior finishing suggestions for selected apartments available in the developer’s offer.

Building visualization gallery


Apartment 02




Apartment 03




Apartment 09




Apartment 27




The interior finishing designs presented above do not reflect the current state, but are an illustrative proposal for apartment arrangement.

Turnkey design and finishing of a house in Bielsko-Biała in the “come in and live” standard


Designing, finishing, furnishing and fully equipping a house is a more complex undertaking than finishing a standard apartment in a multi-family development. It’s not just about scales and more materials, but a much broader scope of work. Additional rooms to be designed may include a boiler room, garage or attic. In the case of the house in Bielsko-Biała, in addition to the living area with a kitchenette, two bathrooms and a bedroom for parents and children, there was a need to design stairs, arrange a laundry room and arrange one of the rooms as a home gym. The “come in and live” standard is the most personalized design and implementation service. The interiors of apartments and houses delivered by SaniWell are fully ready to move in. Customers can enjoy their new, dream living space.


Spacious living room with kitchenette

The kitchen design is a combination of gray, navy blue, wood and colorful accessories, including colorful photo wallpaper. It is a modern and elegant interior. Functional kitchen furniture with a peninsula was designed to facilitate kitchen work and keep order. The combination of two types of sofa styles and modern glass tables gives the interior a slightly eclectic character. The stairs, supplemented with a decorative protective railing, deserve special attention. They look very elegant and are also safe for the youngest users.




A dream place to relax

The bedroom is a key place where we can relax after a hard day. Therefore, it is important to take into account the expectations and needs that will make us feel comfortable in the room at the design stage. The dark colors are broken by a colorful and original photo wallpaper. Moreover, the minimalist dressing table looks very attractive and modern. Attached between a mirror surface, it gives the impression of levitating.



It is no different in the case of children’s rooms. Although both rooms are fabulous, each room has a different main color. What’s more, each girl’s room was also signed with an LED neon wall sign as a decoration.



Bathrooms suited for needs

The two-story house in Bielsko-Biała has space for two bathrooms. Each one was designed and finished in accordance with the client’s expectations. The smallest details have been taken care of, such as space for additional towels and cosmetics.

A decorative mirror and countertop are planned along the entire wall. Therefore, two people can comfortably use the sinks at the same time. It is worth noting that one of the toilets has a bathtub, while the other, smaller one, is equipped with a shower cabin. Moreover, each bathroom has atmospheric and functional lighting.



Home gym

According to the needs of our client, one of the rooms was arranged as a fitness area. A full-size wardrobe with mirror fronts makes the room not only optically larger, but also takes on a sporty dimension, known from fitness clubs. Moreover, such a wardrobe makes it easier to keep things tidy. The dominant wood gives a timeless style, and the colorful photo wallpaper enlivens the exercise room.



“Come in and live” service – interior design and finishing in Silesia

The Silesian branch of SaniWell is located in Katowice, while we carry out investments in all large cities in the region: Bielsko-Biała, Sosnowiec, Gliwice, Tychy, Siemianowice Śląskie. Apartments and houses finished to the “enter and live” standard mean interiors ready for living. Responsibility for all finishing works leading to your dream interior rests with one company.


An apartment designed by an architect, fully finished and equipped in the “come in and live” standard.


The basis of our work is an individual approach to customer needs. Each of the designed and comprehensively finished turnkey interiors meets the needs and expectations of the investor. Moreover, we are responsible for the entire design and finishing process. Therefore, the client, in addition to active participation in the design stage, does not have to engage in all logistics and finishing activities that make up the interior ready to move in.

Turnkey finish “come in and live” in the Mieszkaj w Mieście investment

Our next implementation in the “you enter and live” standard is a three-room apartment with an area of 72 sq m located in the Live in the City investment of the developer Henniger Investment. The property consists of two bedrooms, a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a utility room. The designed interior refers to the classic, subdued color palette. The dominant gray and white was broken with shades of blue and green in the bedrooms. Designing and making a custom-made wardrobe in the hall, bedrooms and bathroom facilitates storage and keeping order. Therefore, the arrangement of the utility room, in which racks with lighting were designed, deserves special attention. The bathroom looks fantastic. Combined tile patterns create an original and beautiful effect.


An elegant living room in a turnkey apartment


The classic combination of gray and wood in a turnkey apartment looks fantastic. The designer wall clock is interestingly combined with a photo wallpaper in a forest theme. The lighting above the dining table looks beautiful, giving the whole interior elegance.



Bathroom design and finish


Tiles with a marble pattern look fantastic in combination with geometric shapes with a wood-like color. That is why the final effect of the designed and finished bathroom is wonderful. The interior is elegant, but also minimalist. Designing and finishing the bathroom taking into account the tastes and needs of our customers is part of the turnkey service “you enter and live”



Custom-made and design kitchen


An ergonomic and well-thought-out kitchen can turn the daily preparation of meals into our passion. Properly planned space in the kitchen is associated not only with a place for cooking, but also with the right height of custom-made kitchen furniture or a large number of easily accessible cabinets that will facilitate the storage of products. It is worth paying attention to the original pattern of kitchen tiles, which, combined with the light gray of kitchen fronts, look wonderful.







Visualization gallery:



Luxurious interior designed and finished to a turnkey standard “come in and live”


The turnkey service “you enter and live” is the most personalized option for finishing your dream flat and apartment. What’s more, the interior design takes into account the smallest technical details and the individual character of users. This makes the finished and equipped apartment unique.


An elegant, turnkey apartment designed and finished in the Piast Park – Wawel Service investment

We are happy to present visualizations and photos for the prestigious implementation on the Piastów estate by the Wawel Service developer. The project was prepared by the LOCI Interior Design Studio. The luxurious interior is a combination of classic, French and glamor styles. What’s more, each piece of equipment and the materials used have been carefully selected. That is why even small additions make the finished interior amazing.


Golden decorations, stucco and custom-made furniture

Lighting, designer furniture, paintings and even sculptures – it all adds up to this beautiful interior. That’s why our “walk in and live” standard is the most complete turnkey service for interior finishing of apartments. Each completed apartment is unique because it has been designed in accordance with the individual expectations of our clients. Moreover, the bathroom looks amazing. Golden accessories, custom-made furniture with LED backlighting and large-format tiles with a marble pattern. All this makes the bathroom look beautiful and elegant.


Custom designed and made kitchen 

The kitchen looks beautiful, with its design referring to the aesthetics of Art Deco. The original pattern of the rounded island, milled finish and high-quality materials make for a beautiful effect. What’s more, golden strips are an elegant complement. The whole, combined with the stucco and decorative lighting, is amazing.


The beauty of details

When designing and then finishing the turnkey apartment, attention was paid to the smallest detail, which made this interior unique and beautiful. Stylish herringbone floor, decorative wall finish, prestigious fireplace and glass doors separating the living room from the bedroom. That is why each of the selected elements of equipment and finishing materials makes the apartment perceived as a luxurious and elegant interior. It is worth paying attention to the decorative finish of the wardrobe in the hall, which is decorated with graphics.


Łazienka w stylu glamour 

Lacquered furniture, flush-mounted faucets, tiles with a marble pattern and large format, and finally a decorative mirror – the finished bathroom looks beautiful and luxurious. What’s more, an interesting detail is the countertop washbasin with an original pattern. Another detail that changes the face of the room is the finish of the ceiling.


Visualization gallery:


Turnkey interior design and finishing in the “come in and live” standard

Our service includes designing, finishing, furnishing and furnishing turnkey apartments in the “you enter and live” standard. What’s more, we are responsible for the entire design and execution process, orders and logistics, supervision and coordination of finishing works.

Turnkey finishing of an apartment in the Rondo Ceglana Katowice investment by IMS Budownictwo

Turnkey interior finishing in the investment of the developer IMS Budownictwo – Rondo Ceglana in Katowice. The key stage in the comprehensive “you enter and live” service is the development of the apartment design. The dominant styles here are glamor and modern traditional.

The design of the apartment is a combination of contrasting colors, elegant decorations and natural materials. Stucco and the flash of accessories and designer lighting, which is synonymous with the glamor style. Interestingly, the interior features a herringbone floor in a subdued shade or patterned tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, which gives the rooms a classic character. Interestingly, the combination of colors of kitchen furniture with golden fittings deserves special attention. That is why dark blue shades are repeated in other rooms, such as the bed upholstery in the bedroom or the office for remote work. The use of such colors enlivens the apartment, making it more modern and unusual.


Photos from the finished and furnished apartment

Modern traditional in the living room with kitchen
Matching accessories, gray mixed with contrasting navy blue kitchen furniture, golden fittings and stucco walls – among others, these elements give the whole interior a certain Parisian character. The herringbone floor looks wonderful. What’s more, when designing and finishing the turnkey interior, attention was paid to the smallest details, such as golden handles and milled finish of the kitchen furniture. The graphics in the living room look beautiful.

Beautiful bedrooms in glamor style
Each of the two bedrooms has been designed with the client’s needs in mind. Responsibility for the full finishing and furnishing of the apartment rests with SaniWell. Therefore, the finished bedrooms are fully furnished, including: wardrobes, beds, lighting, curtains in the windows, a made-to-measure dressing table and a mirror. What’s more, the turnkey service “you come in and live in” is the most complete and personalized option for finishing the apartment.

An elegant place to work remotely
Home offices do not have to be associated with a simple desk and swivel chair. This is a place where we spend many hours while working remotely. Therefore, it is worth to arrange it for the space above the corresponding one. In this project, the office was designed as elegant rooms with decorations, stucco work and custom-made furniture. What’s more, there was plenty of space to relax.

Elegant and beautiful bathrooms
The bathrooms feature a classic combination of tiles with a marble pattern and construction in delicate shades of green and blue. What’s more, in addition to the bathtub, a shower cabin with a surface-mounted battery was also installed. Therefore, the client can use both options: long baths in the bathtub and quick morning showers.

Storage space in the hall
In the hall there is a place for a wardrobe made to measure and a building with a seat. Therefore, the apartment will not run out of space for coats and storage of equipment. What’s more, a mirror was hung at the entrance, which makes it easier to get ready to go out every day.

Turnkey finish in the Galicyjska Park investment by Develia
Turnkey finish of a designed apartment in the Galicyjska Park investment by Develia. We present a minimalist, modern and very original apartment with a dark theme.

Our client’s apartment has been designed and finished in a modern and bold style. It is an intriguing space for a demanding user. At SaniWell, we approach each project in an individualized manner and that is why the finished interiors are unique. What’s more, the “walk in and live” service is the most complete and personalized turnkey option on the design and construction market.

Leitmotif: black
The interior of the apartment located in the Galicyjska Park investment by the developer Develia has been arranged in a deep black theme. Therefore, in addition to the decorations and small accessories in black, such as door handles, bathroom accessories, ventilation grilles or curtain covers, the client wanted to paint the ceilings black. All furniture is designed and made to measure in dark shades, and the lighting used discreetly emphasizes the materials and textures used. A small addition in the form of a bright pouffe in the hall is a wonderfully breaking and at the same time emphasizing the leitmotif of the apartment. It is a movable piece of furniture that makes it easier to get ready to go out every day. Moreover, it is also worth paying attention to the effective use of space for a home office.

Visualization gallery

Above, we present visualizations of a finished apartment in the Galicyjska Park investment by Develia. It is an apartment designed and finished in the “you enter and live” standard

Turnkey finishing of an apartment in the Matexi – Świtezianka investment

The apartment is fully designed and visualized, and then comprehensively finished and equipped in the “you enter and live” standard. Our next implementation in the Matexi developer’s investment in Krakow’s Dąbie.

In the 66.5 sqm apartment, the feeling is inspired by boho and mid-century modern aesthetics. It is a clever and intriguing game of warm colors, contrasting and carefully selected black and copper accessories, bathroom tiles with a terrazzo pattern and custom-made furniture that makes full use of the available space.

Boho and mid-century modern
Interiors inspired by min-century modern and boho styles are gaining popularity again. It is a precisely designed space, focusing on delicate and warm colors as well as ergonomics and interior design of the 50s and 60s, in a modernized form, of course. This timeless aesthetic with modernist roots fits perfectly into modern design.

A spacious living room with a kitchenette is a place for meetings and shared meals. Furniture on legs adds lightness to the space, and light shades and wooden finish of the kitchen refer to the mid-century trend. What’s more, the mirror decoration with backlighting complemented with wall slats looks beautiful. It is an original complement to the living room space.

In the hall there are wardrobes for storing clothes, small wall decorations as well as a place to hang everyday coats and jackets. Hooks are integrated into decorative wall slats with LED backlight.

In the bedroom and the office, inspirations from the bauhaus aesthetics are strongly felt. That is why warm colors build a coherent whole with geometry and timeless minimalism. All finishing elements along with full equipment have been designed, delivered and assembled by SaniWell. What’s more, also custom-made furniture is made as part of the “you come in and live” service. Therefore, the turnkey service “you enter and live” is the most personalized and complete option for finishing the apartment.

The office provides a comfortable place to work remotely and relax with your favorite book. In the bedroom, however, the TV set was integrated into the building, thanks to which the device managed to fit aesthetically into the space of the room.

In the bathroom and toilet we have a combination of light shades with contrasts. Black and copper accessories look fantastic in beige shades and subtle backlighting. Here, too, we have furniture with a wooden shade, which gives consistency with other rooms.


Design and turnkey finishing of a modern apartment in an industrial part of Krakow. The “come in and live” service on ul. Fabryczna

The interior presented in the photos and visualizations below is the result of a combination of modern solutions, designer accessories and high-quality materials. Bold and a bit industrial interior in a subtle way refers to the industrial identity in the investment at Fabryczna street of the developer Inter-bud. Therefore, while developing the interior design, important details were not forgotten, such as a brick wall in the living room, lamp shades of an industrial character, a combination of gray and wood, as well as ceiling beams in the hall, which look great on a higher ceiling.

A modern interior for a family

The apartment has nearly 90 sq m. It consists of a day zone, two children’s rooms, a master bedroom and two bathrooms. The interior design as a place for spending time together and for family entertainment. It is also a space to develop individual passions, rest or remote work. The whole is complemented by flowers, designer lighting, original decorations in the form of graphics and vases.

A bedroom with a place to work

If remote work, why not straight out of bed? Such a solution was proposed in the master bedroom thanks to a modular table. From now on, morning duties can be a pleasure, especially when we are served breakfast with coffee right in bed. It is worth paying attention to the combination of an upholstered bed with a headboard and wooden furniture, which was supplemented with vertical LED lighting. A hat lamp brings a bit of dynamism to this harmonious room. The whole thing looks phenomenal.


Finished apartment:

A modern living room with an ergonomic kitchen

The living room with a kitchenette is the heart of this apartment. There was no shortage of space here for preparing meals or for storing products and dishes. Next to the island, there are bar seats for smaller meetings. While For family meals, a large, six-person table was selected. When designing custom-made furniture, there is space not only for built-in household appliances, but also for an effective display of decorative glass and wine collection. The other side of the room is a place to watch movies together and a home library that will contain all your favorite titles.


Finished interior:

When designing and finishing flats, we make every effort to ensure that they are well-thought-out and beautiful spaces, in accordance with the individual expectations of our clients. That is why our “come in and live” service is the most personalized option for turnkey finishing of a newly purchased property from a developer. More details about the Fabryczna City offer of the developer Inter-bud

Elegant bathrooms

There are two bathrooms in the designed and finished apartment. According to the customer’s tastes, they are complete opposites and are distinguished not only by their equipment, but also by the leitmotif. One has a free-standing bathtub, two countertop washbasins, and the whole is composed in light and gray tones, complemented by wood-like tiles. The second bathroom is built with dark colors. The combination of tiles with an original pattern and a free-standing washbasin looks extremely elegant, and the room is equipped with a walk-in wall with a linear drain.


Finished interior:

Children’s rooms

The children’s rooms are designed in different styles. As a result, everyone suits the tastes of the main user. The leitmotif of one of the rooms is a houndstooth pattern with a cat motif, while in the other, with powder-pink furniture, there are decorations referring to the design of clothes. Each of the rooms has been carefully planned to be comfortable for studying and relaxing, as well as having fun.


Finished interior:

Turnkey interior design and finishing in the “come and live” standard

Our standard in designing and finishing apartments is “come in and live” standard. It is a service that covers all the work and equipment and leads to a ready-to-live-in interior. More details about the “come in and live” standard are available here.