We are a design and executive group providing turnkey finishing services for houses, flats and apartments in the “come in and live” standard and based on finishing packages.

The main advantage of the “come in and live” service is that customers do not deal with any work related to finishing, renovation, purchase and installation of products (except for active participation in interior design), and they receive a finaliyed product, which is a fully designed apartment. finished, equipped and ready to move in.

In addition to comprehensive and individual finishes, we offer package options – a set of ready-made solutions, materials and products that will allow customers to complete the necessary work to be able to enjoy their own space.

We always carry out finishing works based on interior designs prepared by architects and interior designers. We work with specialists in every field of finishing works and purchased products for interior decoration. Our projects include medium and high standard investment / rental apartments, apartments for singles and family houses. We operate in Krakow, Małopolska and Silesia. Many years of experience and constantly expanding knowledge guarantee our competence and reliability in carrying out the orders entrusted to us.

In our work, we are guided by three principles:

– All construction, decoration, and finishing works are carried out on the basis of designs created by interior designers. These may be architects associated with our group or recommended by you.

– We supervise each project individually. We are not a company focused on the number of completed projects, which means we can afford to take care of every detail and dedicate to every project as much time as it requires.

– Fixed prices. Before signing a contract for finishing works, we present a full cost statement. Signing the contract is also a guarantee that the prices agreed will not change.

Trade shows and events

We are a participant in Go to Brand, a program co-financed by the European Union. The aim of the competition is to finance the promotion of product brands on foreign markets. Thanks to the Go to Brand program, we promote the SaniWell brand on foreign markets. The program allows us to look for business contacts in Poland and abroad.

Please visit the International Cooperation section, where we have collected documentation related to our participation in the fair. Events are a great opportunity to talk, exchange ideas and get to know our offer.