Turnkey finishing packages

More than turnkey serive? Let us introduce “come in and live” standard – more information about our personalized design and execution service, which results in designing, finishing, fully equipping and furnishing the entire apartment.

In addition to comprehensive finishes in the “come in and live” standard, we offer package finishing – a list of solutions and products that will allow you to carry out the necessary works. Therefore, in the following catalogs you will find detailed information on package interior finishing options.

Flexible packages

Bearing in mind the diverse needs and the available budget, we have developed four variants of interior finishing: START, COMFORT, PREMIUM and INVESTMENT. What’s more, thanks to the fact that the packages we offer are flexible, each of our clients can choose the right solution for themselves.

Prices of finishing packages

It is worth noting that the packages we offer are flexible. The freedom to add materials and equipment outside the packages is a unique solution in the turnkey interior finishing market. What’s more, the packages can be extended with additional solutions, such as custom-made kitchen and furniture design, installation of air conditioning and non-package equipment

Finishing packages are compositions of ready-made solutions and furnishing products for turnkey apartments

Flexible START Package

The basic variant of interior finishing package. It is addressed to people who want to carry out all the necessary work in a short time and with a small budget. The START options consist of universal and proven materials and products.

In addition to the basic equipment products, the price of the package includes, among others:

  • a wide selection of tiles that are laid to the full height of the bathroom
  • bathroom accessories,
  • flush-mounted frames with a soft-closing board included,
  • a practical cabinet with a sink,
  • bathroom mirror
  • bathroom lighting.

from 1290 PLN Gross/sqm

Flexible KOMFORT Package

The optimal package option, which is an excellent choice for people looking for a professional finish of the apartment. That is why the KOMFORT option is a great choice for people looking for practical and modern solutions for their apartment. Therefore, all necessary work, additional finishing options and an extended range of materials are included in the package.

In addition to the possibility of extending the KOMFORT Package with additional equipment products, the price of the package includes, among others:

  • a wide range of ceramic tile designs,
  • wooden floor,
  • lighting in every room,
  • szafki łazienkowe z umywalkami.

from 1490 PLN Gross/sqm

Flexible PREMIUM Package

The most extensive finishing package is the PREMIUM option, consisting of high-quality products and materials. A variant designed for people who are looking for original interiors and products of well-known brands. What’s more, due to the wide range of available solutions and the possibility of extending the package option with additional equipment products. That is why the PREMIUM Package is the most extensive turnkey finishing package.

The price of the PREMIUM package includes, among others:

  • full plastering of rooms,
  • modifications of water, sewage and electrical installations,
  • a diverse range of ceramic tile designs,
  • walk-in wall with a linear drain,
  • ready bathroom furniture,
  • mirror glued between the tiles,
  • cabinet with a countertop washbasin,
  • a wide range of lighting for each room,
  • wood and vinyl flooring.

from 1890 PLN Gross/sqm


The presented INVESTMENT Package is addressed mainly to people who are looking for a comprehensive solution for apartments intended for rent or sale. The scope of the INVESTMENT Package includes all necessary works, full furniture and equipment for the apartment.

What’s more, it is the most unique Finishing Package on the market, covering basic furniture and equipment of all rooms.

That is why the INVESTMENT Package includes bathroom equipment with furniture and a washing machine, lighting in all rooms, a basic kitchen module with household appliances. The price of the package also includes furniture ready for the living room and bedroom, including:

  • sofa,
  • a coffee table,
  • table and chairs,
  • wardrobes for the hall and bedroom,
  • bookstand,
  • mirror,
  • wall shelves,
  • other accessories, including curtain rods.

from 2290 PLN Gross/sqm

The above price per m2 applies to apartments with an area of more than 55 m2.

INVESTMENT package: Home Staging

An additional option is the Home Staging service, which allows you to make the interior more attractive and prepare the apartment for further investment, i.e. sale or rent. Increasing the attractiveness of the apartment through additional equipment and giving the interior a personalized character translates into greater interest in the property. Therefore, as part of the Home Staging service, we also offer the possibility of a photo session.


Other additional options

Each of the packages can be extended with additional materials, services and finishing options, including:

  • design and execution of kitchen furniture
  • adding bathroom equipment products
  • custom-made wardrobe
  • air conditioning installations

We present a catalog of additional options for the implementation of furniture: wardrobes and kitchens to size. The packages can be expanded with a kitchen designed and made to measure, or with a ready kitchen module with household appliances.

Prices of finishing packages

Package options are a convenient solution for investors that guarantee implementation within the agreed budget and deadline. The catalogs of finishing packages offer a wide range of products and materials. Turnkey interior finishing based on flexible package options