Design and execution group
Turnkey interior execution

SaniWell is a construction and decoration company operating in Kraków. Our specialty are turnkey flats and apartments. We are part of a design and execution team consisting of specialists from many industries, thanks to which we are able to quickly and comprehensively redecorate and furnish every apartment.

We have been operating in Kraków and Silesia since 2006.



The planned construction works, used brand finishing materials, carefully selected products and accessories, all this means that the resulting apartment will be meeting your exact expectations.

It is our goal to hand over to our Clients fully decorated interiors. What we mean by “turnkey” is a flat ready for your moving in and living in it.

Our offer is addressed to those who know that a day has only 24 hours and they cannot or do not want to handle everything on their own. It is us who handle it all, in terms of a new apartment.

The scope of cooperation

Our services and products

We specialize in comprehensive interior finishing services. The result of our work is a product that we call: a turnkey apartment – ready to move in.

Developing an interior design concept, preparing visualization, selecting materials and all equipment for the bathroom or kitchen, designing furniture, selecting floors, lighting, or household appliances,

After the design and quote have been accepted, we proceed first to place orders for furnishings. In the case of some of them, especially those less typical ones, the waiting time may be between 3 and 6 weeks. Once we know the date of delivery of products, we plan the works and logistics operations, book the dates for furniture manufacturing.

  • Demolition works, adaptation of hydraulic connections and electrical points. Distribution of installations: air conditioning, smart home, for RTV equipment – depending on the design assumptions. Installation works belong to this group of activities that cannot be seen from the outside, but the quality of their performance is very important.
  • When distributing concealed installations, we make every effort to ensure that the materials used and the work performed are of the highest quality. In the installation work, we only use materials from branded and proven companies.
  • We also have extensive experience in the installation of all types of concealed bathroom fittings / mixers.

We carry out tiling works and wall coverings using all materials available on the market. Starting from typical ceramic tiles, through gres tiles, granite tiles, mosaics, natural stone, quartz sinters and other materials – depending on the architect’s ingenuity and customer expectations.

Bathroom equipment products have been our specialization for 20 years! The full offer can be checked at Sanitbuy.pl. We have an offer of over 130 factories with bathroom fittings, ceramic tiles and heaters. We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience when choosing products for your bathroom.

We offer discounts of up to 40% on all bathroom equipment products. These are prices that you will not get in any retail store.

Kitchen furniture, furniture, bathroom furniture, upholstered furniture, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and other products are an integral part of interior design and thus their purchase, delivery and assembly are part of our business.

The concept of comfort is a value that changes over the years. Today it is difficult to imagine a comfortable interior without air conditioning or properly designed lighting. Smart home and home theater systems are also appearing more and more often.

The final stage of interior design is the delivery of other furnishing products. These are primarily products such as: a TV set, window curtains, bathroom accessories, skirting boards, carpets and carpets as well as small interior design elements.

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Finishing standards

Standards ofinterior finishing

A premium interior made of the best materials and designed with a touch of luxury in mind.

Interiors finished in the Casual standard are prepared with a view to building an aesthetic and relatively inexpensive apartment. It can be rented, but rather as a slightly higher standard. Generally available materials of reasonable quality and design were used, e.g. kitchen and living room furniture in Ikea quality.

An interior with an idea created for people who want to live in an interesting and modern way, and at the same time for renovation without spending large amounts. Loft interiors may be a bit “cool” but they have their own atmosphere that many people like.

Mieszkania na wynajem w Krakowie cieszą się duża popularnością. Z informacji podanych w roku 2017 wynika, że mieszkania w Krakowie są droższe niż w innych miastach Polski a ich rentowność, przy przeznaczeniu na wynajem, mniejsza niż np. w Warszawie Gdańsku czy Wrocławiu. Dlatego ważnym staje się by wykończyć mieszkanie szybko elegancko ale i niedrogo

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Benefits of working with SaniWell


We offer finished and fully equipped apartments.

We have been dealing with turnkey interior finishing since 2006.

8% VAT for the renovation service and the final price remains unchanged

Individual supervision over each of the stages of implementation and a 2-year warranty on finished interiors

Professional renovation on average 50% faster and more efficiently than in the case of individual works

At the client’s request, we take part in the acceptance of the apartments from the developer

Free pre-design consultation and assessment of interior arrangement options.

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