In 2016, we started working on a new project – an apartment at ul. Solna in Krakow. The interior finishing process, as always, begins with the preparation of the project and ends with the cleaning works of the finished and already furnished apartment.

The apartment is for rent, made middle-class standard. The final effect is amazing. The living room with a kitchenette has been perfectly designed. The bookcase with a space for home theater turned is original spacesaving solution.

After 2 months of work, we complished apartments.

Renovation and construction works as well as the entire turnkey finishing process require vigilance and a critical approach to each project. As a finishing company, we also take responsibility for creating an interior in line with the design, but also for submitting comments and observations to this design, if we find that something needs to be corrected during renovation works.

Wherever people work, there are shortcomings, so we do not approach any project uncritically. This kind of supervision is part of our turnkey interior finishing service.

The apartments were intended for rent in advance. The investor, however, had certain quality expectations. We used mid-range materials: Tubądzin ceramic tiles, Kludi bathroom faucets, partly Ikea furniture and partly made-to-measure, Berker electrical equipment.