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Turnkey apartment finishing services

We specialize in comprehensive interior finishing services. The result of our work is a product that we call: a turnkey finished apartment – that is, ready to move in. The process of achieving the desired effect includes the following stages:

The process of achieving the desired effect includes the following stages:

Drawing up the interior design plan

We undertake renovation, construction and finishing works on the basis of a prepared interior design. To make this assumption easier, we cooperate with several design offices.

The first stage is:

  • Development of the interior concept, preparation of visualization, selection of materials and all bathroom and kitchen equipment, furniture design, choice of flooring, good lighting, household appliances, etc.,
  • Cost estimation based on the list of selected  materials and products: valuation of renovation works and any other costs (logistics, cleaning, etc.), discussion on the budget sheet with the client (making changes, adjusting the final and unchanged price).

The end of this stage is the preparation of the detailed design, which is the basis for further activities. The project preparation stage may take about 6-8 weeks.

Planning works, ordering products and services

After accepting the project and the cost estimation, we start placing orders for home furnishing products. Bearing in mind the delivery dates of products, we plan the course of work and logistic activities, including booking dates and commissioning furniture production.

Preparatory work: electrical, plumbing

In this stage, we secure individual elements of the interior: windows, entrance doors, radiators, etc. At this stage, the following are carried out:

  • Demolition works, adaptation of hydraulic connections and electrical points.
  • Distribution of installations: air conditioning, smart home, for RTV equipment – depending on the design assumptions.
  • Installation works belong to this group of activities that cannot be seen from the outside, but the quality of their performance is very important.
  • When distributing concealed installations, we make every effort to ensure that the materials used and the work performed are of the highest quality.

In the installation work, we only use materials from branded and proven companies. We also have extensive experience in the installation of all types of concealed bathroom fittings / mixers.

Renovation and construction works as well as tiling and installation works, doors, floors

We carry out tiling works and wall coverings using all materials available on the market.

Starting from typical ceramic tiles, through gres, granite tiles, mosaics, natural stone, quartz sinters and other materials – depending on the architect’s ingenuity and customer expectations. , painting, etc.

The renovation and construction phase lasts about 4-6 weeks. After the works are completed, we begin the stage of installing doors and floors.

Bathroom fittings, radiators and tiles

Bathroom equipment products have been our specialization for 20 years!


The full offer can be checked at Sanitbuy.pl. We have an offer of over 130 factories with bathroom fittings, ceramic tiles and heaters.


We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and experience when choosing products for your bathroom.

We offer discounts of up to 40% on all bathroom equipment products.


These are prices that you will not get at any retail store: In the model apartment in the bathroom products range, you can see Villeroy & Boch sanitary ceramics from the Sentique series, Axor Citterio M mixers with Raindance 30 cm rain shower and Hansgrohe Metris Select kitchen mixer, Huppe Design shower door. with Anti-plaque and self-locking, Vasco Beams and Bryce radiators, Apavisa ceramic tiles and Bosch and Siemens household appliances.

Ready-made and custom-made furniture: kitchen, room and bathroom

Kitchen furniture, bathroom and upholstered furniture, beds, sofas, tables, chairs and other products are an integral part of interior design, and thus their purchase, delivery and assembly are part of our business. provides peace of mind about product quality. We make furniture in accordance with the individual architect’s design, adjusted to the renovated interior. We also supply household appliances for all kitchen furniture.

Lighting, air conditioning, smart home, home electronics

The concept of comfort is a value that changes over the years. Today it is difficult to imagine a comfortable interior without air conditioning or properly designed lighting. Smart home and home theater systems are also appearing more and more often.

Purchase and installation of other equipment

The final stage of interior design is the delivery of other furnishing products. These are primarily products such as: a TV set, window curtains, bathroom accessories, skirting boards, carpets and carpets as well as small interior design elements.

Benefits of working with SaniWell

Come in and live

We offer finished and fully equipped apartments


Experience and professionalism

We have been dealing with turnkey interior finishing since 2006


Saving money and a fixed budget

8% VAT for the renovation service and the final price remains unchanged


Guarantee of quality

Individual supervision over each of the stages of implementation and a 2-year warranty on finished interiors


Time saving

Professional renovation on average 50% faster and more efficiently than in the case of individual works


Assistance in validation of new apartment

At the client’s request, we take part in the acceptance of the apartments from the developer


Consultation included

Free pre-design consultation and assessment of interior arrangement options