Below we present a turnkey project carried out in a two-level apartment in Krakow’s Bronowice. In theory, the apartment is large, nearly 90 square meters, but due to the fact that it is located on 2 levels, it seems to be smaller optically. In addition, a frequent feature of such flats are slants, which quite significantly limit the usability of rooms on the first floor.

The goal for the architect and contractors was to design the stairs to be as space-saving as possible, and at the same time comfortable and safe to use. Especially when children are also the users of the staircase.

In addition to relatively small apartments, we also finish houses. In the case of building houses, the scale of the project and scope of work are greater. The house has an area of ​​at least 120 square meters. There are often elements that are not found in small apartments, such as stairs, garages, terraces or utility rooms, and sometimes attics. Stairs can often be a very decorative and even central element of a house, so we must pay special attention to their execution. We have in our projects wooden stairs, decorative, with carved balusters and risers – a beautiful element of interior decoration.

The house in Wieliczka was designed as a combination the glamor style with modernity, soft forms with simplicity. After several months of work and cooperation, a beautiful interior was created.

At the beginning of 2020, we started the implementation of the designed interior of the house in Wieliczka. With SaniWell, turnkey home finishing is the beginning of the pleasure of having your own place. Below we present photos of the completed project and visualizations.

Below photographs shows the comprehensive finishing of the house from the developer state:

Below we have attached a gallery presenting the investment visualizations:

The interior of the house located on the Krakow’s suburbs has been designed in medium standard, taking into account customer’s expectations and the available budget. The project assumed an open and family friendly space.

Due to the larger area and the presence of rooms such as an attic, garage or terrace, the design and finishing of the house is a larger and more complex undertaking than the implementation of an apartment.