This is how a turnkey apartment looks like after a general renovation. It contains all the elements and products needed to live in it. What is most important in all of this – customers satisfiction.

Interior design

The interior design is very ambitious – this is how the interior should look like after the works are finished. Modern design, a lot of white color. Thanks to the warm color of brick, floor panels and other colorful accessories, the interior should be friendly to living in.

Condition before renovation

A general renovation of an old apartment is a challenge that is much more difficult than finishing apartments from the developer state. It’s
a difficult task to build a modern apartment in an old building in Nowa Huta in Krakow. We start renovation works with demolition and discovering the unknown.

In such apartments, surprises waiting under the plaster or an old bathtub, the condition of sewage and water pipes are a problem. It is worth considering whether the old installations can be combined with the new ones, how to ensure good ventilation of the bathroom? The demolition of one element often violates the other. Renovation in such blocks is always a big challenge.