Finishing a turnkey apartment in the “you come in and live” standard in the investment of the developer Dom-Bud at ul. Gloger

Designing and finishing a turnkey apartment in the Glogera investment of the Dom-Bud developer. A comprehensive turnkey service “you enter and live” includes the preparation of an interior design, renovation and construction works, as well as furnishing and furnishing the entire interior of the apartment.

What’s more, we carried out the implementation of this interior in full sentence. This is because the client lived abroad until the completion of the investment. SaniWell was responsible for all finishing works, purchase of goods and equipment, as well as arrangement and furnishing of the interior.

Classic design
The leitmotif in the designed and finished interior is traditional design. Delicate, very subtle colors with a bright section, natural materials and discreet golden accessories. The walls in the hall, as well as custom-made wardrobes, are designed with vertical decorations. An apartment in the Dom-Bud investment at ul. Glogera is prepared in such a way that it gives the impression of being spacious and open, in line with the client’s expectations.

The bedrooms have wardrobes for storing clothes, the bathroom has a semi-circular corner bathtub, and the lounge room has a place for guests. One company – SaniWell – was responsible for the design, finishing and furnishing of the apartment. All works were carried out in full, due to the fact that the investor was permanently residing outside the country.

Turnkey finishing of an apartment in the Develia – Ceglana Park investment


Design of a two-level apartment prepared as part of a comprehensive turnkey finishing service “you enter and live” prepared for a client’s private apartment in the developer’s Develia – Centralna Park investment.

The design of the apartment is a combination of subdued shades of gray with wood and dark accessories. This classic combination makes the finished interior design timeless. What’s more, the apartment uses some decorative additions and finishing elements, giving the interior a bit of a raw and industrial character.


Grey, wood and loft atmosphere

Finishing the walls and furniture in the colors of wood and gray combined with lighting and decorations with a loft atmosphere gives the interior a certain industrial character. Gray walls are associated with concrete, and decorative lighting above the dining table loosely refers to factory lamps. What’s more, in the living room connected to the kitchenette, there is a place for a custom-made kitchen island. Particularly noteworthy are open cabinets that add lightness and modernity to the kitchen.

SaniWell is responsible for all works leading to a ready-to-live-in interior: from designing and visualizing the interior, taking into account the client’s needs and financial capabilities, through renovation and construction works, finishing, ordering all materials, goods and equipment products, to full furnishing. That is why SaniWell also provides additional services and equipment such as smart home systems or air conditioning, as in the case of this apartment. The interior finished in the “you enter and live” service is fully prepared for moving in.


Interior design, turnkey finish and custom-made furniture

The design of the apartment was prepared taking into account the development of all available space. What’s more, it is worth noting that the hall provides a suitable place to store clothes and a comfortable seat. In a two-level apartment in the Ceglana Park investment by the Develia developer, the finishing of the stairs and the development of the utility room were developed.


The office has a large, adjustable desk for remote work, a place for a printer or a sofa to relax. What’s more, it is worth paying attention to the original finish of the wall. White and gray colors and the severity of the material used perfectly fit into the industrial concept of the interior.


The bedrooms have space to relax and store clothes. What’s more, each of the bedrooms has a different guiding atmosphere – the most important thing is that future users feel good in them. That is why we approach each interior design in an individualized way. Each of us expects something different from a turnkey designed and finished space.

The design of the bathroom assumed a reference to the leitmotif present throughout the apartment. That is why we meet here again gray with wood, supplemented with effective LED backlights. The whole looks aesthetically and timelessly.