Prestigious apartments in the center of Krakow

We are pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with the developer Czarnowiejska 21, responsible for the implementation of an intimate investment in the center of Krakow.

The building is adjacent to the historic buildings of Dolne Młynów Street and the greenery of the Krakow Park. Marek Grechuta.


Czarnowiejska 21

Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 consists of 27 apartments. The general contractor responsible for the investment is Nowbud from Krakow. Interestingly, Czarna Wieś has been part of Krakow since 1910 and today it is one of the streets that make up the very center of Krakow.

The prestigious location, intimate development, historical character of the space and high quality of finishing make the apartments available at Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 unique.

Apartments in the very center of Krakow are an excellent and promising investment. The proximity of old tenement houses, business centers and academic complexes translates into the attractiveness of the space, increasing the value of the property. Therefore, taking into account the prestige of the investment, we have prepared four finishing proposals for specific apartments offered by the developer. It is worth noting that the presented designs are a concept of apartment development. Moreover, at SaniWell, each implementation is focused on the individual needs of the investor.

Below we present a gallery of investments and interior finishing suggestions for selected apartments available in the developer’s offer.

Building visualization gallery


Apartment 02




Apartment 03




Apartment 09




Apartment 27




The interior finishing designs presented above do not reflect the current state, but are an illustrative proposal for apartment arrangement.

In the gallery below, we have presented two interior proposals for the investment. The design refers to the industrial style of loft apartments and minimalist interiors. Blue furniture elements were applied as an original styling accent.

The final costs are important when finishing interiors are for rent. Today, the housing market is becoming more and more difficult. The high supply of apartments translates into the preferences of customers who are looking for a higher standard.
In the case of investment apartments, the goal is to maximize benefits, among others by reducing renovation costs while maintaining an elegant style. In other words, the investor would like the implementation to be low cost but look rich. We have more and more orders for such finishing works.

It is worth noting that the presented interiors look much more expensive than they actually cost the investor. All this thanks to a good design that always increases the quality of the interior and a professional finish.

In the case of investment apartments, the goal is to maximize benefits, among others by reducing renovation costs while maintaining an elegant style. In other words, the investor would like the implementation to be low cost but look rich. We have more and more orders for such finishing works.

Our another project referring to the loft style. A project with a smaller budget but as you can see with an interesting idea. Once again it turns out that half of the success is a well designed project.

Sometimes the investment budget is slightly lower. Then we design an elegant interior, but not too flashy. Each apartment, expensive or cheaper, has been thought out and designed to be functional and elegant. Our interiors is characterized by the fact that it is ready to move in or rent – simply turnkey interiors. Just enter and live in.

Sometimes it takes a little bit to warm up the basic standard, making the interior perceived as more elegant or more expensive than it really is. An example of such a modification is presented below.

In 2016, we started working on a new project – an apartment at ul. Solna in Krakow. The interior finishing process, as always, begins with the preparation of the project and ends with the cleaning works of the finished and already furnished apartment.

The apartment is for rent, made middle-class standard. The final effect is amazing. The living room with a kitchenette has been perfectly designed. The bookcase with a space for home theater turned is original spacesaving solution.

After 2 months of work, we complished apartments.

Renovation and construction works as well as the entire turnkey finishing process require vigilance and a critical approach to each project. As a finishing company, we also take responsibility for creating an interior in line with the design, but also for submitting comments and observations to this design, if we find that something needs to be corrected during renovation works.

Wherever people work, there are shortcomings, so we do not approach any project uncritically. This kind of supervision is part of our turnkey interior finishing service.

The apartments were intended for rent in advance. The investor, however, had certain quality expectations. We used mid-range materials: Tubądzin ceramic tiles, Kludi bathroom faucets, partly Ikea furniture and partly made-to-measure, Berker electrical equipment.

The projects presented below are part of a larger realization that we are starting in Krakow in 2019. Our ideas of turnkey interior finishing are perfectly suited for those spaces.

To give you the taste of our capabilities, we have made a show flat on the Browar Lubicz estate – prestigious apartments in the very centre of Kraków. It is our ambition to create beautiful interiors in which one can live well or for which the rent rate is high.

Work on the construction of this apartment lasted 4 months.
The final effect is the result of a comprehensive design of an elegant interior, the use of the highest quality materials and a prestigious location in the historic part of Krakow.

One of our clients, liked the show apartment so much, that convinced us to rent it to them.

Design and furnishing

The interior design plan was drawn up by a team of young designers with interesting ideas.

In the show apartment, we used only branded items: Villeroy&Boch bathroom ceramics, Apavisa floor tiles, Axor Hansgrohe faucets, Vasco radiators, Huppe shower
enclosure, Aquaform and Flos lighting. In the process of preparing the interior design,
we also used well-chosen, stylish LED lighting. In our show apartment you can also check out the LG’s ArtCool Gallery air conditioner.

The show apartment is based on the best materials and the most well-known brands. In our work, however, we use not only the most expensive materials and items. Many projects make good use of medium-class items.

For each apartment we will be happy to make an individual design plan, taking into account your expectations as to the character of the interior, the style and quality of the used materials and equipment.