Classic interior design and comprehensive turnkey finishing in the “come in and live” standard

At SaniWell turnkey interiors “you come in and live”, we are responsible for all works leading to an interior ready for living. Designed, finished, furnished and equipped apartments reflect the needs, tastes and financial capabilities of our clients. That’s why each of the interiors we create is unique!


Apartment design: gray, white and wood

The apartment has 64 sq m. and is located in Kraków’s Dąbie district. The apartment design refers to the classic combination of gray and wood. The subdued and warm color makes the apartment cozy and stylish. Moreover, black accessories such as lighting, door frames and photo frames fantastically accentuate the main color theme. Wooden decorative lamellas in the living room are an interesting and fashionable addition.


Storage space and custom-made furniture

Properly designed and made furniture makes organizing and storing things easier. There is a custom-made wardrobe in the hall. The kitchen has a place to store wine. It is also worth paying attention to the fully built-in kitchen. Moreover, numerous drawers and cabinets make it easier to store kitchen appliances, dishes and food products. The washbasin cabinet and shelf inside the shower wall make it easier to keep the room clean. It is no different with a designed home office. The home office consists of a long desk, a chest of drawers, a column and upper cabinets, all made to measure.



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Comprehensive interior finishing service “come in and live”

The interior is an example of our standard of complete finishing, equipment and interior furnishings in the “enter and live” standard. The apartment was designed by an interior designer, and full finishing and furnishing means making custom-made furniture and assembling ready-made furniture for all rooms, ordering and installing furnishing products, including: household appliances, electronics, smart home systems, air conditioning, etc.