Design and turnkey finishing of a modern apartment in an industrial part of Krakow. The “come in and live” service on ul. Fabryczna

The interior presented in the photos and visualizations below is the result of a combination of modern solutions, designer accessories and high-quality materials. Bold and a bit industrial interior in a subtle way refers to the industrial identity in the investment at Fabryczna street of the developer Inter-bud. Therefore, while developing the interior design, important details were not forgotten, such as a brick wall in the living room, lamp shades of an industrial character, a combination of gray and wood, as well as ceiling beams in the hall, which look great on a higher ceiling.

A modern interior for a family

The apartment has nearly 90 sq m. It consists of a day zone, two children’s rooms, a master bedroom and two bathrooms. The interior design as a place for spending time together and for family entertainment. It is also a space to develop individual passions, rest or remote work. The whole is complemented by flowers, designer lighting, original decorations in the form of graphics and vases.

A bedroom with a place to work

If remote work, why not straight out of bed? Such a solution was proposed in the master bedroom thanks to a modular table. From now on, morning duties can be a pleasure, especially when we are served breakfast with coffee right in bed. It is worth paying attention to the combination of an upholstered bed with a headboard and wooden furniture, which was supplemented with vertical LED lighting. A hat lamp brings a bit of dynamism to this harmonious room. The whole thing looks phenomenal.


Finished apartment:

A modern living room with an ergonomic kitchen

The living room with a kitchenette is the heart of this apartment. There was no shortage of space here for preparing meals or for storing products and dishes. Next to the island, there are bar seats for smaller meetings. While For family meals, a large, six-person table was selected. When designing custom-made furniture, there is space not only for built-in household appliances, but also for an effective display of decorative glass and wine collection. The other side of the room is a place to watch movies together and a home library that will contain all your favorite titles.


Finished interior:

When designing and finishing flats, we make every effort to ensure that they are well-thought-out and beautiful spaces, in accordance with the individual expectations of our clients. That is why our “come in and live” service is the most personalized option for turnkey finishing of a newly purchased property from a developer. More details about the Fabryczna City offer of the developer Inter-bud

Elegant bathrooms

There are two bathrooms in the designed and finished apartment. According to the customer’s tastes, they are complete opposites and are distinguished not only by their equipment, but also by the leitmotif. One has a free-standing bathtub, two countertop washbasins, and the whole is composed in light and gray tones, complemented by wood-like tiles. The second bathroom is built with dark colors. The combination of tiles with an original pattern and a free-standing washbasin looks extremely elegant, and the room is equipped with a walk-in wall with a linear drain.


Finished interior:

Children’s rooms

The children’s rooms are designed in different styles. As a result, everyone suits the tastes of the main user. The leitmotif of one of the rooms is a houndstooth pattern with a cat motif, while in the other, with powder-pink furniture, there are decorations referring to the design of clothes. Each of the rooms has been carefully planned to be comfortable for studying and relaxing, as well as having fun.


Finished interior:

Turnkey interior design and finishing in the “come and live” standard

Our standard in designing and finishing apartments is “come in and live” standard. It is a service that covers all the work and equipment and leads to a ready-to-live-in interior. More details about the “come in and live” standard are available here.