Turnkey finish in the Galicyjska Park investment by Develia
Turnkey finish of a designed apartment in the Galicyjska Park investment by Develia. We present a minimalist, modern and very original apartment with a dark theme.

Our client’s apartment has been designed and finished in a modern and bold style. It is an intriguing space for a demanding user. At SaniWell, we approach each project in an individualized manner and that is why the finished interiors are unique. What’s more, the “walk in and live” service is the most complete and personalized turnkey option on the design and construction market.

Leitmotif: black
The interior of the apartment located in the Galicyjska Park investment by the developer Develia has been arranged in a deep black theme. Therefore, in addition to the decorations and small accessories in black, such as door handles, bathroom accessories, ventilation grilles or curtain covers, the client wanted to paint the ceilings black. All furniture is designed and made to measure in dark shades, and the lighting used discreetly emphasizes the materials and textures used. A small addition in the form of a bright pouffe in the hall is a wonderfully breaking and at the same time emphasizing the leitmotif of the apartment. It is a movable piece of furniture that makes it easier to get ready to go out every day. Moreover, it is also worth paying attention to the effective use of space for a home office.

Visualization gallery

Above, we present visualizations of a finished apartment in the Galicyjska Park investment by Develia. It is an apartment designed and finished in the “you enter and live” standard