Prestigious apartments in the center of Krakow

We are pleased to announce that we have established cooperation with the developer Czarnowiejska 21, responsible for the implementation of an intimate investment in the center of Krakow.

The building is adjacent to the historic buildings of Dolne Młynów Street and the greenery of the Krakow Park. Marek Grechuta.


Czarnowiejska 21

Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 consists of 27 apartments. The general contractor responsible for the investment is Nowbud from Krakow. Interestingly, Czarna Wieś has been part of Krakow since 1910 and today it is one of the streets that make up the very center of Krakow.

The prestigious location, intimate development, historical character of the space and high quality of finishing make the apartments available at Kamienica Czarnowiejska 21 unique.

Apartments in the very center of Krakow are an excellent and promising investment. The proximity of old tenement houses, business centers and academic complexes translates into the attractiveness of the space, increasing the value of the property. Therefore, taking into account the prestige of the investment, we have prepared four finishing proposals for specific apartments offered by the developer. It is worth noting that the presented designs are a concept of apartment development. Moreover, at SaniWell, each implementation is focused on the individual needs of the investor.

Below we present a gallery of investments and interior finishing suggestions for selected apartments available in the developer’s offer.

Building visualization gallery


Apartment 02




Apartment 03




Apartment 09




Apartment 27




The interior finishing designs presented above do not reflect the current state, but are an illustrative proposal for apartment arrangement.