Turnkey finishing of an apartment in the Matexi – Świtezianka investment

The apartment is fully designed and visualized, and then comprehensively finished and equipped in the “you enter and live” standard. Our next implementation in the Matexi developer’s investment in Krakow’s Dąbie.

In the 66.5 sqm apartment, the feeling is inspired by boho and mid-century modern aesthetics. It is a clever and intriguing game of warm colors, contrasting and carefully selected black and copper accessories, bathroom tiles with a terrazzo pattern and custom-made furniture that makes full use of the available space.

Boho and mid-century modern
Interiors inspired by min-century modern and boho styles are gaining popularity again. It is a precisely designed space, focusing on delicate and warm colors as well as ergonomics and interior design of the 50s and 60s, in a modernized form, of course. This timeless aesthetic with modernist roots fits perfectly into modern design.

A spacious living room with a kitchenette is a place for meetings and shared meals. Furniture on legs adds lightness to the space, and light shades and wooden finish of the kitchen refer to the mid-century trend. What’s more, the mirror decoration with backlighting complemented with wall slats looks beautiful. It is an original complement to the living room space.

In the hall there are wardrobes for storing clothes, small wall decorations as well as a place to hang everyday coats and jackets. Hooks are integrated into decorative wall slats with LED backlight.

In the bedroom and the office, inspirations from the bauhaus aesthetics are strongly felt. That is why warm colors build a coherent whole with geometry and timeless minimalism. All finishing elements along with full equipment have been designed, delivered and assembled by SaniWell. What’s more, also custom-made furniture is made as part of the “you come in and live” service. Therefore, the turnkey service “you enter and live” is the most personalized and complete option for finishing the apartment.

The office provides a comfortable place to work remotely and relax with your favorite book. In the bedroom, however, the TV set was integrated into the building, thanks to which the device managed to fit aesthetically into the space of the room.

In the bathroom and toilet we have a combination of light shades with contrasts. Black and copper accessories look fantastic in beige shades and subtle backlighting. Here, too, we have furniture with a wooden shade, which gives consistency with other rooms.