Luxurious interior designed and finished to a turnkey standard “come in and live”


The turnkey service “you enter and live” is the most personalized option for finishing your dream flat and apartment. What’s more, the interior design takes into account the smallest technical details and the individual character of users. This makes the finished and equipped apartment unique.


An elegant, turnkey apartment designed and finished in the Piast Park – Wawel Service investment

We are happy to present visualizations and photos for the prestigious implementation on the Piastów estate by the Wawel Service developer. The project was prepared by the LOCI Interior Design Studio. The luxurious interior is a combination of classic, French and glamor styles. What’s more, each piece of equipment and the materials used have been carefully selected. That is why even small additions make the finished interior amazing.


Golden decorations, stucco and custom-made furniture

Lighting, designer furniture, paintings and even sculptures – it all adds up to this beautiful interior. That’s why our “walk in and live” standard is the most complete turnkey service for interior finishing of apartments. Each completed apartment is unique because it has been designed in accordance with the individual expectations of our clients. Moreover, the bathroom looks amazing. Golden accessories, custom-made furniture with LED backlighting and large-format tiles with a marble pattern. All this makes the bathroom look beautiful and elegant.


Custom designed and made kitchen 

The kitchen looks beautiful, with its design referring to the aesthetics of Art Deco. The original pattern of the rounded island, milled finish and high-quality materials make for a beautiful effect. What’s more, golden strips are an elegant complement. The whole, combined with the stucco and decorative lighting, is amazing.


The beauty of details

When designing and then finishing the turnkey apartment, attention was paid to the smallest detail, which made this interior unique and beautiful. Stylish herringbone floor, decorative wall finish, prestigious fireplace and glass doors separating the living room from the bedroom. That is why each of the selected elements of equipment and finishing materials makes the apartment perceived as a luxurious and elegant interior. It is worth paying attention to the decorative finish of the wardrobe in the hall, which is decorated with graphics.


Łazienka w stylu glamour 

Lacquered furniture, flush-mounted faucets, tiles with a marble pattern and large format, and finally a decorative mirror – the finished bathroom looks beautiful and luxurious. What’s more, an interesting detail is the countertop washbasin with an original pattern. Another detail that changes the face of the room is the finish of the ceiling.


Visualization gallery:


Turnkey interior design and finishing in the “come in and live” standard

Our service includes designing, finishing, furnishing and furnishing turnkey apartments in the “you enter and live” standard. What’s more, we are responsible for the entire design and execution process, orders and logistics, supervision and coordination of finishing works.