Turnkey finishing of an apartment in the Rondo Ceglana Katowice investment by IMS Budownictwo

Turnkey interior finishing in the investment of the developer IMS Budownictwo – Rondo Ceglana in Katowice. The key stage in the comprehensive “you enter and live” service is the development of the apartment design. The dominant styles here are glamor and modern traditional.

The design of the apartment is a combination of contrasting colors, elegant decorations and natural materials. Stucco and the flash of accessories and designer lighting, which is synonymous with the glamor style. Interestingly, the interior features a herringbone floor in a subdued shade or patterned tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, which gives the rooms a classic character. Interestingly, the combination of colors of kitchen furniture with golden fittings deserves special attention. That is why dark blue shades are repeated in other rooms, such as the bed upholstery in the bedroom or the office for remote work. The use of such colors enlivens the apartment, making it more modern and unusual.


Photos from the finished and furnished apartment

Modern traditional in the living room with kitchen
Matching accessories, gray mixed with contrasting navy blue kitchen furniture, golden fittings and stucco walls – among others, these elements give the whole interior a certain Parisian character. The herringbone floor looks wonderful. What’s more, when designing and finishing the turnkey interior, attention was paid to the smallest details, such as golden handles and milled finish of the kitchen furniture. The graphics in the living room look beautiful.

Beautiful bedrooms in glamor style
Each of the two bedrooms has been designed with the client’s needs in mind. Responsibility for the full finishing and furnishing of the apartment rests with SaniWell. Therefore, the finished bedrooms are fully furnished, including: wardrobes, beds, lighting, curtains in the windows, a made-to-measure dressing table and a mirror. What’s more, the turnkey service “you come in and live in” is the most complete and personalized option for finishing the apartment.

An elegant place to work remotely
Home offices do not have to be associated with a simple desk and swivel chair. This is a place where we spend many hours while working remotely. Therefore, it is worth to arrange it for the space above the corresponding one. In this project, the office was designed as elegant rooms with decorations, stucco work and custom-made furniture. What’s more, there was plenty of space to relax.

Elegant and beautiful bathrooms
The bathrooms feature a classic combination of tiles with a marble pattern and construction in delicate shades of green and blue. What’s more, in addition to the bathtub, a shower cabin with a surface-mounted battery was also installed. Therefore, the client can use both options: long baths in the bathtub and quick morning showers.

Storage space in the hall
In the hall there is a place for a wardrobe made to measure and a building with a seat. Therefore, the apartment will not run out of space for coats and storage of equipment. What’s more, a mirror was hung at the entrance, which makes it easier to get ready to go out every day.