Turnkey design and finishing of a colorful apartment

In the interior of the apartment located in Krakow’s Złocień district, we encounter a wonderful play of colors. The designed apartment consists of warm shades of green, delicate pink and light blue. Additionally, in combination with wood and brick wall finishing, the apartment takes on a homely and cozy character. What’s more, photo wallpapers with picturesque landscapes complement the living room and bedroom space. The apartment was designed in accordance with the investor’s expectations and financial capabilities. As a consequence, the equipment used includes: products from companies such as Ikea, BRW and Agata Meble. The design includes space for working from home and studying. The open space of the living room and a large sofa encourage household members to relax together.

Soon we will present a completely turnkey interior in the “come in and live” standard: furnished and fully equipped.

SaniWell turnkey interiors as standard – you come in and live – the designed and finished interiors are ready to live in.