The service you enter and live in Silesia – interior design for individual needs and comprehensive turnkey finishing of apartments.

The apartment purchased from the developer is the beginning of the road to the dream “M”. The condition of the apartment at the time of acceptance by the customer is called a developer condition and requires finishing. Fortunately, you can continue your journey with SaniWell. The service provided by our company leads to a fully finished and turnkey interior. What’s more, they are fully equipped and furnished interiors. Just ready to move in.

Could it be that one company would be responsible for the interior design, finishing works, furnishing and equipping the entire apartment? With SaniWell it is possible.

We are responsible for all works, including interior design, renovation and construction works and the finishing stage. We are responsible for making furniture to size, assembly of ready-made furniture and other furnishing products. What’s more, we implement everything in accordance with the design assumptions. Apartments finished by SaniWell turnkey are fully equipped. For the client, this means that the approval of the interior design is entrusted to one company.

Designing apartments and turnkey furnishings in Katowice

Our “come in and live” service is the most personalized option for turnkey interior finishing. Our personalized service is a complete novelty on the Silesian market. That is why we also wanted to create a beautiful and original office in which we have the pleasure of hosting our clients. What’s more, we share the office space with the einteriors design studio! Our new office is located at: Katowice, ul. Mickiewicza 10.

Each of the apartments and house interiors we implement is a response to the individual needs and expectations of our clients. After all, our preferences are different, and each of us has a different nature of work or a favorite way of rest. Therefore, when deciding on a turnkey service “you come in and live in”, we put a lot of emphasis on the first stage of cooperation, i.e. on the development of the interior design. The design stage includes, among others: preparation of the functional layout and arrangement proposal. Technical drawings of individual rooms, the arrangement of sockets and furniture structures are also prepared. Finishing materials such as tiles, floors and lighting are selected.

Also at the design stage, equipment products are selected, including: a sofa, a table with chairs, a work desk or beds, bedside tables and window curtains. It is worth noting that the products are selected depending on individual preferences and financial possibilities and are not limited to package product catalogs. Then, visualizations of the apartment are prepared with the use of selected materials and products.

The apartment is finished, equipped and furnished – ready to move in.

SaniWell operates in Lesser Poland and Silesia, and our offices are located in Krakow and Katowice. If you are looking for one company that is fully responsible for the design and finishing process, the “come in and live” service is the answer to your needs. What’s more, we are responsible for orders for materials, goods, equipment products and equipment. Then the SaniWell company finishes the design of the apartment with the assembly of equipment and furnishings for all rooms.

Turnkey services Silesia

We invite everyone interested in the subject of interior design and turnkey finishing in Silesia to contact us. Apartments given by SaniWell are ready to move in: finished, fully equipped and furnished. You can hand over your new apartment to SaniWell. We will prepare, finish and equip the apartment in accordance with the design – we can do it for you.