Turnkey interior finishing standards

Below, we present our standards of finishing the interiors. It is worth mentioning at this point that the versions we present concern fully finished and ready-to-live-in apartments.

Feel free to contact us if you have not found the appropriate inspiration among the interiors we have completed. We are open to various investment finishing concepts.

Standard Elegance

Standard Elegance is a prestigious interior made of the best materials and designed with a touch of luxury in mind.

Standard Casual

Casual interiors are designed to build an aesthetic and relatively inexpensive apartment.

Standard Loft

The Loft interiors are created for people who want to live in an interesting and modern way.

Standard Basic

The Basic Standard flats are prepared for simple and undemanding turnkey interiors.

Opcje pakietowe

Przedstawiamy programy pakietowe: kompozycje gotowych rozwiązań i produktów, które pozwolą klientom wykończyć niezbędne prace, aby móc cieszyć się z własnej przestrzeni.